Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today we had a homschool field trip. This week we went to hermans bakery. we were there for at least one WHOLE hour. we found out how they mix the dough how they make the food. they even told us how they make the buns for MicDanaolds. it was awsome. and at the very end we found out how they decorate their cakes and they were sweet and big and buitiful. it was really cool. and afterwards we got to eat all these cupcakes.

serious comb over dude!

Once when my family was sitting and talking at the table after dinner, I got up and i walked over to my dad and i just stood there by my dad. and then i was like, "hey dad look!" and i thru my hair across my dads "bald" head and it created a "serious comb over dude!"